Launched a new brand “IVASEN” from IBASEN, the traditional retailer of Japanese fan in business for 420 years. “IVASEN” has been designed by SHINICHI HARA under the theme of “Edo x Tokyo,” and its sales promotion led by AEON.

Adopted the sound system of “M’s System” for all suites of the Rits-Carlton Tokyo and the music therapy at St.Luke’s International Hospital. Gave a presentation at International Trade Fair in Bangkok to introduce the sophisticated Japanese technology of the sound system.

Involved with the foundation of the facility for fostering of the spa therapists. Worked together with the directors of “ORIENTAL SPA” at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, and Chiva-Som Academy, the training center of Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Thailand.

Collaborated the message eco-T-shirts designed by Hikaru Utada, a Japanese singer-songwriter, and the NY eco brand where I served as a head. This project represented a concrete proposal for an eco-conscious society.